About Damien Oh

Who am I? I am just like you, a normal plain human being, who make a living in the Internet.

An Internet marketer, business owner, opportunist, online auctioneer, hobbyist or whatever you want to call, that’s what I have been doing on the Internet.

Counting back, It was 2 years ago when I started to explore the Internet opportunity. I was foruntate to be able to learn form Corey Ruhl and Ken Evoy, the 2 greatest Internet guru, and picked up lots and lots of marketing tips and strategies from them . Corey Ruhl (unfortunately passed away due to a car accident) was an expert in Internet marketing while Ken Evoy was instrumental in creating successful web sites that really sell. i was foruntate to be able to learn from them and apply their strategies to my business.

Over the years, I have spent a great deal of time in researching marketing strategies, testing them out and fine tuning them. It have been an enriching and fruitful process.

Recently I set up a company NetStrategy to help others to succeed in the Web. We perform SEO for companies to help them to achieve a higher ranking in the search engine and also to implement various marketing strategies to increase their conversion rate and profit. We also conduct regular workshops to impart our knowledge to aspiring individuals who want to succeed in the Internet.

I’m a pretty busy guy these days, which explains why I am still single up till this date. Nevertheless, I don’t plan to be so tied up forever as I have yet to fulfill my dreams. Oh ya…my dream is to leave my foot prints in every part of the world.

Anyone who share my dream of traveling around the World or have already finished their journey around the World, feel free to discuss your experience with me. I am really keen to hear from you.

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