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Want to know what Internet marketing tools millionaire use?

Does any Internet millionaire tell you what Internet marketing tools he or she use to build their million dollars Internet Empire? I don’t think there are many, and Mike Filsaime is one of those that I know who does.
I have this opportunity to download his eBook “The Resource Report” and I think it is really [...]

Choosing A Good Search Engine Ranking Tool

I have a strict criteria for choosing a search engine ranking tool. While there are so many tools available (just google it and you can find more than 10,000 result on search engine ranking tool) to find your ranking, most of them don’t fit into my criteria.
It must be free
Search engine is a free resource [...]

Find Out Your Site Status In Google

You build a new website.
You submit your site url to Google.
You created a sitemap for your site.
You check the search engine everyday for the listing of your site.
What’s next?
Well, now you can use the Google Site Status Wizard to find out if your site

has already been indexed?
when Googlebot accessed your home page
is having potential indexing [...]

Find Out How Google views your site? -Google Webmaster Tools

The best way to achieve a high ranking in Google is to find out how Googlebot views your site so that you can make regular tweaking and optimizing to your web pages.
Google Webmaster Tools allows you to do just that.
Open a new account with Google Webmaster (if you have a Google account, it will [...]

Increase Traffic Conversion with Google Website Optimizer

I was setting my new Adwords campaign when I saw this new website optimizer tool from Google. What it does is to help online marketers to increase their conversion rates and overall visitor satisfaction by continually testing various combination of site content.
I am pretty excited and amazed at this new tool from Google. All [...]