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How To Make Your Visitors Trust You And Buy From You?

Perfect scenario: All your visitors go to your website, browse through the product catalogue and click the “buy” button within 10 minutes.
Real scenario: There are hardly any visitors to your website. Even if there are any, they click away even before your website is fully loaded (not to mention browsing the product catalog). Out of [...]

Increase your profit with customer reviews

A simple strategy that I often teach my customer is to request for a customer review each time they buy your product or use your services. Every review that you collect has the potential to be a ‘lethal weapon’ for your online business.
First, customer review allows you to find out the quality of your products [...]

Call to Action: Did you forget to tell your visitors what to do?

Have you encountered situations where you read a sales email (or brochure), got fascinated about the product and wanted to find out more, but can’t find any contacts, email addresses or order inquiries in the brochure?
I have. In fact, countless time.
I have also seen many websites that provide great content, sell great products, attract a [...]