Choosing A Good Search Engine Ranking Tool

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I have a strict criteria for choosing a search engine ranking tool. While there are so many tools available (just google it and you can find more than 10,000 result on search engine ranking tool) to find your ranking, most of them don’t fit into my criteria.

It must be free

Search engine is a free resource for everyone to use, there is no reason that anyone has to pay to find their site’s ranking in the search engine.

It must be able to accept bulk url and keyword submission

Most of the tools only allow you to find your ranking for one url and one keywords (some allow up to 3 keywords). The problem is, most of my sites have more than 50 pages and if I want to find out the ranking for each and every page of my sites, the whole process is going to take up tons of my time, not to mention the effort to key in the individual web page url and keyword. There is no way I am going to do this monthly.

It must be able to save data for future comparison

Internet marketing is all about testing and analyzing. What use is there if I can’t save my current month ranking data and compare it with future data?

It must be able to query Google, Yahoo and MSN Live

Although Google is the biggest player in the search engine, it does not necessarily give you the best traffic for all your keyword. Sometime, Yahoo and MSN might give you a better ranking (and traffic) than Google for a particular keyword. It is necessary to monitor other search engine ranking as well.


  • Site Build It

    SiteBuildIt(SBI) is a complete website solution for everyone (Yes, even if you don’t know any html or have no IT background). Inside one of its module is the search engine ranking tool. Once you have built a page, SBI will submit to the major search engines and automatically track your search engine ranking. Under the Search Engine HQ in the login page, you can find the search engine ranking for all your webpages for the 4 major search engines. You can even find out the date the SE-spider came to visit your site and when is the page listed in the search engine. I guaranteed that once you use it, you won’t like any other tools again.

  • Digitalpoint

    Digitalpoint keyword ranking is one of the few search engine ranking tools that meets all my criteria. It is free and it allow you to submit bulk url and keyword. It searches the top 3 search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) and display your ranking (for all your pages) in an orderly manner. From months to months, you can access your digitalpoint account and check if your ranking has improved or drop over the past months. It is a very useful tools for webmasters who are looking for a complete solution to find their ranking in the search engine.

As of today, these are the only two search engine ranking tools that I recommend. I believe there are still some very good search engine ranking tools out there which have not been discovered by me. If you come across any, please let me know.

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