I have been seeing a lot of articles commenting on the fear of being penalize by Google for publishing duplicated content on their site. After much study into this area, I found that many people have misunderstand the whole duplicate content issue. I am writing this now to clarify up the duplicate content myth.

Myth: You will be penalized for reprinting articles on your site


If this is the case, then article directories, press releases, syndicated sites and even the search engines will no longer be around. The reason being, they are reprinting articles every single second. Instead, not only does their content get heavily indexed by Google, they received enormous traffic as well.

So what’s wrong over here?

The actual meaning of duplicate content does not refer to the reprinting of individual pages or articles. It is referring to duplicating content in a mass, on multiple sites, internally and externally. It is only when you have a full replication of a site. Page for page, file name for file name, image for image, code for code, then it is considered duplicate content.

The fact is that every site has different code, images, file names etc. All these factors stop them from getting hit by duplicate content. There are over 100 factors that Google considers when spidering your site and your content is only a fraction of that. Unless you are completely mirroring other site, then there is no cause for worry.

Here are some steps for you if your sites are suspected of having duplicate content https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/66359?hl=en

Having clear up the myth, here are some ways you can use reprint articles to boost your traffic.

  • Go to reputable ezine directory such as ezinearticles.com and pick a keyword optimize article that is closely related to your niche.
  • Reprint the article on a brand new page of your site. Do not use the article title as the page title. Change it to a related and keyword focus title. Reword your meta description tag.
  • Add a short introduction paragraph to the article.
  • Add a sentence or two to conclude the article. Don’t forget to include the author resource box and links back to the author’s site. (please adhere to the reprint policy and give credit to the author)

That’s it! You can now sit back and enjoy the traffic!

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