Converting your visitors to customers

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If you are not converting your visitors to customers, you are heading for death!

When I was reviewing my client’s site for SEO, I was surprised that with a monthly average of 3000 visitors, his website conversion rate is ZERO.

Surely, SEO can drive a lot of traffic to your site, but SEO alone does not guarantee you success in Internet business. It only provides a mean to drive traffic to your site. Most importantly is how do you convert your traffic to your customers

I have compiled some tips to help you increase your conversion ratio:

  1. Provide great content – Content is king. If you want to attract visitors, provide useful content that is of great value to them. Internet is a place full of information. If you are not able to provide your visitors with useful content, they can always find it somewhere else.
  2. Keep It Simple and Sweet – Keep your content simple and sweet. Do not attempt to write an essay to explain why your product is the best. Most users have the habit to quick scan a couple of paragraphs before they decided to read on or leave the page. Make your idea easy to understand and get it across in the first paragraph.
  3. Publish a regular newsletter – A regular newsletter allows you to revisit your visitors again and again and it gives your visitors reasons to revisit you.
  4. Site structure – Be consistent throughout the site. Ensure that the navbar is at the same place in every page and the navigation process is smooth and hassle free.
  5. Page organization - Every page should discuss only one topic/idea. Do not attempt to confuse your visitors with too many ideas in a page. They will have problem digesting it.
  6. Presell to your customer - Customers like to buy, they don’t like to be sold. Do not attempt to sell to your customer, write to pre-sell instead. Read the ebook “Make your content pre-sell” for useful tips
  7. Clean up all the broken links - Broken links always turn people off. It show unprofessionalism and hurt your trustworthiness.
  8. Provide plenty of resources – Provide plenty of free resources to your visitors. Resources can include links to other related sites, free ebooks, product reviews, tips, testimonials etc. The more useful resources you provide, the more credible is your site.
  9. Provide a good after-sale service – Lack of this will ensure the doom of your business. Provide a good after-sale service to your customers. It can be a thank you email, follow up usage guide, assurance email or even 24 hours technical support. Whether or not your customers return to make a repeat purchase will depend on how good your after-sale service is.
  10. Request testimonial from your customer – Request all satisfied customers to write a testimonials and post it in your site. This is much better than writing a thousand words.

These 10 simple tips have been proven to work. Make use of it wisely to increase your conversion ratio. If you need me to review your site, feel free to contact me.

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