DealDotCom: Video Blogging Made Easy

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Things have been slow here. I was down with a bad flu, which gives me a constant headache.

Now that I am getting better on a fresh new Monday (did I mention before that I LOVED Monday?), it’s back to blogging again.

videoblogging_cover_s.jpgTo start the week, I would like to recommend the new product featured in DealDotCom.

In case you’ve been living under a rock (or don’t get on the internet ever, but then you wouldn’t be here) and don’t know, Video is in style. In a big way. YouTube was bought by Google for a gazillion trillion dollars. I rest my case.

Now you’re thinking, “That’s great, Copy Slave, but why is that important to me?” Here’s the part where I tell you. You can create your own video blog (aka Vlog) and get it indexed super fast and drive tons of traffic to it! You know what you can do with traffic, right? Make money!

“But I don’t know how to make a vlog, that’s all that technical, complicated stuff!” is what you’re thinking now.

Bullcrap! It’s easy! Cheryl Lester’s Video Blogging Made Easy can show you how to make your own traffic-pumping vlog in an hour. She will show you the exact steps she took to get her site indexed in Google within 24 hours. My mouth is frothing at the possibilities! And perhaps most importantly, she points out the common pitfalls that cause the failure of new vlogs. It is simply the best guide to creating a vlog on the web.

Deal is offered at and is only for today $37 $27.

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  1. Nice software package, I’ll check it out

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