Google is throwing tantrum again. Yes…this time, it affected some of the popular blogs. Engadgets, Andy Beard, Copyblogger are some of the few that suffered from a pagerank drop. It was rumored that this is the Google way to penalize blogs that sell links. No one has confirmed it.

While InternetStrategyBlog didn’t suffer from any pagerank loss, this issue does set me thinking: “how long do we have to suffer from the tyranny of Google?”

It seems that Google has a part in everything we do online. From Google Search, Gmail, Google Adwords, Adsense, Youtube, Blogger, the fate of our websites seem to lie in the hand of Google, and this is definitely not good.

The fact is, Google don’t care about the survival of Webmasters. They set the rule (and change it anytime they want, without informing you) and either you follow, or you’re out. Google lives in a completely different world from online marketers. They want to provide excellent content free of charge to the mass (Well, that’s how they make money) and expect you to do so, while the marketers want to make tons of money from excellent content. This is a total conflict of interest. Just when marketers found new way of making money while providing free excellent content, Google banned them.

Excerpts from TeachingSells:

“There’s many a “business model” that relies completely on Google—Google Search for traffic and Google AdSense for revenue. And there’s an even larger amount of so-called business models that rely almost completely on Google for traffic, even if the money comes in via other means.

I think you know what happens to the money when the traffic stops.

I use the term “business model” above loosely, because a model that is entirely dependent on an outside company, for either traffic or revenue or both, is not really sound. You’re not in charge and you have very little control, because if Google decides to change the rules, you’re out of luck. Based on that, I would argue that relying on Google is not a business at all.

I’d say you work for Google.

Even though that’s not literally true, you might as well see it that way. When one company can kill your income overnight—without notice or justification—that’s simply not a good business. They can effectively lay you off at any time, with no notice, no severance, and you never had benefits to begin with.”

It’s time we stop the Google tyranny, and the only way to do that is to stop depending on Google for survival.


The answer is: diversify your traffic sources.

If Google accounts for 90% of your current traffic, then it is time you start to find other traffic sources.

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