Do You Have The Necessary Ingredient To Succeed In Internet Marketing?

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There has been a lot of hypes about how easy you can make big bucks in Internet Marketing.

I don’t deny the profitability of Internet Marketing, but I seriously doubt that everyone can succeed in this field.

In order to make money out of Internet, be it $10, $1000 or even a million dollars, you must have the necessary ingredient. The ingredient is not about the Internet strategy nor the system you use. It is about YOU.

Let take a look at the ingredients.

Ingredient 1: Goal
Did you have a goal for your Internet business? A goal is important. It must be achievable. but not too easy. It must also be realistic. For example, to earn $10 every month is an achievable goal, but it is too easy, whereas if you want to earn $1 million in your first month of online, that is far too unrealistic.

Setting a goal also give you a clear direction of which strategy you should employ. The strategy to make a million bucks is totally different from the strategy that made you $10 per month.

Be clear of your goal.

Ingredient 2: Detail plan
Do you have a working plan for your Internet Marketing business?

  • What do you want to sell in the Internet?
  • What is the strategy that you should use to obtain the maximum profit?
  • Is there a niche for your product?
  • Who is your targeted customer?
  • How should you design your website so as to achieve the highest sales conversion ratio? etc…

You need to have a detail plan. It must include the market research, Internet strategies and all form of tracking data. You don’t have to come up with the best marketing plan initially, because you can refined it as you go along. But you must have a plan. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Ingredient 3: Finding a Mentor
Internet marketing is definitely not a easy journey to trek on. Get a mentor to guide you along in your Internet Marketing venture. A mentor can guide you to avoid all the pitfalls and mistakes all other amateur marketers made. One of the great places to find useful help is discussion forums. I strongly recommend Marketing center entrepreneur forum

Ingredient 4: Perseverance
Internet marketing is more that just setting up a website and hope that it bring in lot of profit. It is about testing and trial and error to achieve the best result. Statistics has shown that the more content and the age of your website is proportional to your profitability. If your website has great content, the longer it remain active, the more profitable it gets. Don’t ever give up before you achieve the result you desired.

These might not be all the ingredients, but I deem these 4 to be the most important for one to succeed in Internet Marketing.

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  1. Great points! Your resources continue to help me grow my business. I will be applying your list of resources for launching a new site as well to You truly are helping others with your blog.

    Thank you

  2. This certainly makes a good point. I’d like to see the response of others on this topic. Makes interesting reading.

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