Dropped By The Search Engine? What Should I Do?

Being search engine friendly doesn’t mean that the search engines have to be friendly to you too. If you wake up one day to find that your site is dropped by the search engine, the first thing you should do is to take a deep breath and don’t panic.

I know that it can be a gut-wrenching experience, especially if the search engines account for the majority of your traffic. But this is just part and parcel of the whole search engine game and it could happen to any site in the Internet.

Here is some of the reasons why you are dropped:

  1. Search engines reshuffle their database every now and then to get rid of the inactive sites and poor quality sites. You site happen to be one of them.
  2. The search engines changed its algorithm and placed more priority on a certain factor over the other. Your site happen to be affected.
  3. Your site has broken the search engine rules and is banned by them.
  4. Your site structure is not up to standard and there are dead links lying around.

As I say earlier, don’t panic. Here is what you can do to regain your search engine ranking.

Create more quality content

The major search engines (especially Google) are working very hard to become an effective search tool for the public. As such, they are very particular about the content and quality of a site. If you think that you can get by with just a few keyword stuff paragraphs, then you are in for a whacking by the Search Engine. The time has changed. If you have a good site, it can only get you by. To thrive in the search engine, you need to have quality site.

If you own a mediocre site, you need to build quality content to save your business.

If you own an above average site, then you need to build more quality content to claim an edge over your competitors.

If you already own a quality site, then build even more quality content to reaffirm your presence.

Whatever it is, the key to success is to build more and more quality content on your site.

Re-examine your site for any possible violations of the Search Engine guidelines

Possible violation include an improper 301 redirect, no error 404 page, dead links, hidden texts, cloaking, link farm and etc. If you have make changes to your site recently, go through the changes again and make sure you have not done anything to cause the drop in ranking.

If you are not sure of what is wrong with your site, it is best to ask for second opinion in webmaster forums. I would strongly recommend Digital Point Forums

Build more incoming links and know who you are linking to

A part of Google search engine algorithm includes measuring the number of quality in-pointing links to your site. An in-pointing link from a related quality site is considered as a vote for your site. The more vote you have, the higher your search ranking will be.

A good way to build incoming links is to exchange links with sites related to your niche.

Register with Sitesell’s Value Exchange and search through hundred of related sites that are willing to exchange links with you.

When exchanging links, be careful who you are linking to. Only exchange link with sites that have quality content related to your niches and can add values to your site. Don’t exchange link with a link farm as that is the fastest way to get your site ban from the search engine.

Diversify your traffic source

Generate traffic from various sources. Do not put all your eggs in one basket. Relying too heavily on the search engine will impact you the most when they are doing reshuffling. Some of the good traffic building strategies that you can use are articles writing, press release, pay-per-click, participate in forums and discussion groups, email marketing and affiliate marketing.

The trick to success in the Internet and search engine is to build a site that everyone can’t resist to link to. A combination of quality content building and traffic generation is required to achieve this. To win the search engine game, you need to throw the search engine aside and focus on building a site for your customer.

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