Get #1 Google Search Engine Ranking In Less Than 2 Weeks

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Many people have asked me what is the fastest way to achieve top Google search engine ranking. There is only one way: blogging

Blogging is by far the fastest and easiest way to get top ranking in Google. It is also one of the great ways to drive ton of traffic to your website.

This blog (Internet Strategy Blog) ranks #1 in Google in less than 2 weeks after it is launched. I have also seen many cases of blogs achieving high search engine ranking in less than a week.

The following are the steps (or strategy) that I use to achieve top Google search engine ranking.

  1. Start a blog in your website. I strongly recommend Wordpress as it has plenty of useful features and gives you a lot of control. Moreover it is FREE.
  2. Install the meta tag plugin. Wordpress itself does not has the meta tag feature. By installing the meta plugin, it will allow you to insert meta keywords and description tags into your post.
  3. Compile a list of 50-100 keywords on your niche. These keywords must have high profitability ratio (high volume of searches every months and relatively low number of competitors). Wordtracker is the tool that I use to compile the keywords. Following its step by step instruction, I have compiled over 400 keywords with KEI (Keyword Effectiveness Index, the higher the value, the more profitable is the keyword) of over 50 (some even as high as 400).
  4. Using the keywords you have compiled earlier, write a post or two every day. Every post is about 300-600 words with a keyword density of 1-2%. The bigger your keyword list, the more topic/post you can write on.
  5. Ping your blog to the various blog directories.
  6. Submit your blog to the various blog directories, especially Google blog search
  7. Find other blogs related to your niche and comment heavily on their posts. (please give useful and positive comments. Do not attempt to spam them).
  8. Find forums related to your niche. Ask and answer questions. Promote your website/blog using the signature blocks

These are the strategies that help to propel my blog to #1 Google search engine ranking in 2 weeks. There is no guarantee that you will achieve a #1 position, but I am sure that you will be able to achieve a first page ranking.

The trick here is consistency. You have to do the above matter consistently for at least 2 weeks to see result. 80% of the people will failed because they are not consistent enough.

You make your choice: to be the 20% who succeed or the 80% that fail.

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