Getting Involved In RSS Advertising

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Advertisement is everywhere.

RSS used to be a clean and simple tool for people to view content quickly, and it has also not been spared from advertisement.

RSS advertising was launched more than 1 year back. When it first started, it created a big buzz around the web publishers. Most discussions and debates then were about the validity and profitability of advertising in RSS feeds.

I have yet to test out this mean of advertising and I can’t really comment on its profitability. Personally, I like the idea of RSS advertising:

  1. It is simple.

    You only need to set it up once and then blog frequently. There is no extra and miscellaneous thing that you need to do.

  2. Another way of generating income

    Most bloggers are not having much luck in generating profit from their blogs. RSS advertising will provide a useful and easy way for bloggers to monetize their blogs.

After googling online for RSS advertising company, here are some of the players in the market:

Feedburner Ad Network (FAN)

If you has a FeedBurner account and a reasonable level of traffic in your blog, you cn apply to be a part of the FAN. Darren Rowse from Problogger does give a good review of the service. Feedburner has been acquired by Google recently and I have this feeling that Google will integrate their Adsense into the FAN in the future.


Newly added feature from Text Link Ads (TLA). Tex Link Ads has established itself as the alternative to Adsense in the blogosphere. It is a growing company and used by many bloggers. Feedvertising is one of its new features. At the moment, the service is only available to Wordpress users and is a plugin based system.


Adsense is currently testing its RSS advertising technology on some publishers and will not be open to the public in the meantime.


Yahoo Publisher Network has allow their publisher to list advertisement on their RSS feed, but this is only if you’re lucky enough to be an YPN publisher. I was told that it’s similar to Google Adsense. Currently they support WordPress and MovableType blog.


Currently offers three type of ad configuration: Ads For Feeds (Purple), Ads For Feeds (Yellow) and Ads For Feeds (Green). Purple is meant for publishers who want complete set of advertising services and analytical information. Yellow is easy to simple for movable type and wordpress blog while Green is useful for publishers that create their own feeds.

As I say earlier, I have not tried any of the above programs (in fact, while I am writing this post, I have created account and set up the code for some of the programs). I will post back after I have achieve some result.

Meanwhile, feel free to suggest any RSS ad network not stated above.

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