How to improve web site ranking?

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If you want to improve web site ranking in the search engine, you must know how the search engine works.

You may have heard a lot from Internet marketing guru that you need good content on your web site to rank high in the search engine. Well… if you have believed it and diligently done it, I am sorry to say that you are only half way to the top of search engine.

Don’t get me wrong. I am a true believer of good content provider. In my view, good content is a MUST for any web site to survive. However, it does not necessarily improve web site ranking. More importantly is the ability to let the search engine spider recognize the relevancy of your content.

Spider don’t understand sentence structure or even fluent sentence flow, so it is useless to write in long sentence and flowery language. It don’t attract spider; it only adds to the confusion.

If you want to please the spider, you must provide content in a way that the spider can understand:

  1. Keyword focus content

    Keyword is what the spider looks out for in any site. A diluted content (content with no focus and no keyword) only confuses the spider as it doesn’t know which category your site should lie.

  2. Proper keyword placement

    Having a keyword focus web site is not enough; you have to place the keyword at strategic positions. The spider deems these positions to be important and places great value on it. The strategic positions are the TITLE, META description, META keyword, filename, headlines, links, picture and within the paragraphs.

  3. No duplicated content

    Duplicated content is frowned upon by the search engine. If you think that you can’t write well and place professional articles on your web site, you better be careful! You might get your site banned. If you really have to place duplicated content on your site, keep it at 1-2% of the total number of pages.

  4. Good link structure

    Spider analyses link structure, be it external or internal, to ensure that there is no dead links in the site.

    Dead links = site under construction = site with no credibility = low ranking

  5. Quality incoming links

    One of the effective ways to improve web site ranking is to build more quality incoming links to your site. The more incoming links from related sites you have, the better your web site ranking in the search engine.

As long as you follow the guidelines stated by the search engine, write to please the spider, there is no reason why you can’t achieve a high web site ranking.

See you at the top!

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