Improving Your Articles Click-Through Rate

Writing articles is definitely one of the best ways to promote your web site. Not only that it’s easy, it is also free. However, if you have written plenty of articles and still not getting the results you want, the reason might be that no one’s reading it (it simply means that your article is not interesting enough).Some of the ways you can use to improve the click through rate from your articles are:

  • Write about something that you have great knowledge in.
    The purpose of the article is to educate and solve the problems that your readers are facing. A good way is to ask some obvious questions about the topic. Asking questions makes the article easier to write because you have a specific goal. Questions also make an article more interesting to read.
  • Write an appealing headline.
    First impression counts. A good headline that catches the attention of people is almost a guarantee to high click through rate. It is also important to include some popular keywords relating to your topic in your headline. Remember that some people judge an article by just reading a headline. No matter how informative and fun to read your article is, if the headline does not catch people’s attention, they will not read it.
  • Write a good introduction
    This is where people begin reading your article, it should be catchy. Try considering asking a burning question for an introduction. This would certainly catch people’s attention.
  • Make it easy to read. Keep it simple and to the point, try using short paragraphs. Try not to use any technical jargon (unless your article is targeting at the technies). If you can use a single sentence to express your idea, don’t use two or more. It is fine to use list your points in bullet form if it makes it easier to understand.
  • Be personal.
    Do not just write about the facts. Include in your article some of your personal comments or views. If possible, be humorous (this will require some practise)
  • Promote yourself from a third party point of view.
    This is the place where you promote your expertise. Write from a third party point of view. It will give you more credibility. If you are wondering what is third party point of view, just check your resources column: does it contain the word “I” a lot of time? If yes, change it to your name.

And lastly, never forget to include your website URL in your resource box. A lot of writers actually forget to do this.

Happy article writing

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