Increase your profit with customer reviews

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A simple strategy that I often teach my customer is to request for a customer review each time they buy your product or use your services. Every review that you collect has the potential to be a ‘lethal weapon’ for your online business.

First, customer review allows you to find out the quality of your products or services and whether they meet the needs of your customer. You can then improve, modify or even tailor made your products and services for your customer.

Second, by placing customer review on your website, you are actually giving confidence to your potential customer. The more positive reviews you have, the higher your sales will be.

Third, customer reviews can provide you a chance to follow up with your existing customer and give you a legitimate reason to sell more products to them.

Fourth, when you place your customer reviews on your site, you are giving your customers ownership of your site. They will be more likely to refer their friends to buy from your site. Their friends will also be more eager to buy if they see a positive review from someone they trusted.

Fifth, requesting a customer review from your customer shows that you care for their feeling. It is this type of small action that impresses and touches the heart of your customer. It adds to your credibility and reputation.

If you have not been requesting reviews from your customers, here is what you should do now:

  1. Set up a review form on a private area of your site.
  2. Email all your customers and request them to write a product review for you. To improve the responsiveness, you may want to offer them a free gift or give them a discount coupon for their next purchase as a token of appreciation.
  3. Once you have collected the reviews, analyze them and find out the areas that you can improve in.
  4. Sort the reviews according to categories and place them in your site.
  5. Inform the customer that their review has been placed on the site and invite them to refer their friends to your site.
  6. Repeat the whole process again.

This is not a difficult task. With a little effort, you will be able to increase your profit tremendously.

All the best!

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