Is Your Web Host Good To You?

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This has been a very frustrating and busy week for me.

Last week, I have a heavy server downtime for some of my domains that are hosted under one web host (unfortunately, this is not the first time). I tried frantically to contact my web host for support and you know what: the live chat session was down (again) and my ticket submission was answered only after an hour later.

Guess what?

The reply was:

“We will look into it”

In the end, I guess it was time for me to look into my relationship with them as well. I decided that it was time to say goodbye and get another web host that is more reliable (at least on the server uptime)

So, that was what kept me busy for the whole weekend: finding a good web host (reading reviews and talking to their customer support), transferring and setting up domains and make sure everything is up and running again, without affecting my search engine ranking.

What I want to say is that choosing a good web host is really very important. It is in fact the most crucial thing that you need to do when setting up your online business. Just imagine, your website is equivalent to your shop. How much business will you lost if every time your visitors click on your website and find that it is close (server down)?

This is definitely not any Internet marketers look forward to.

If you have not been treated well by your web host, maybe it’s time to change it. Since web hosting is a lucrative market, with a new web hosting company sprucing up every few days, it might not be easy to distinguish the reliable one from the bad one. In addition, web hosts with big name might not necessarily mean that they are reliable, it is just that they are paying out huge affiliate commission and attracting many affiliates to promote for them.

Before choosing a web host, check out the market reviews in forums (such as and discussion groups. These are the places where you can get reviews closest to the truth. Some review sites are purely affiliate sites and their reviews are biased and geared to earned an affiliate commission from you.

Next,talk to the customer support, be it live chat, ticket submission or even a phonecall and make sure you are happy with their support. They will be your life saver when something happens to your website.

The last part is then to determine which hosting plan is suitable for you. Always remember, choose the company first, then the plan.

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