Keyword Research…If you are not doing this, you are doom to fail in your online venture

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I have a discussion with my customer this morning and she was asking me about keyword research. I shared some thoughts with her. Here is what we discussed.

What makes a word a keyword?

Well, keyword is a word or phrase that people use for searching in the search engine. For example, if you are a dog owner and you are looking for dog training information. You type in “dog training” in the search engine and it brings back million of results. Now, the word “dog training” is a keyword.

Keyword research is an important step to determine the niche of your market. It is also necessary to rank high in the search engine. That is why the first step all Internet marketer do is carry out a keyword research.
A good keyword research enable you to find out:

  • What your customers are looking for specifically
  • Who is your competitors
  • whether there is a market for your trade
  • What kind of products you should develop
  • the profitability of your business
  • the various marketing strategies to employ, and many more

So what constitutes a good keyword? When you have high demand for the keyword (huge number of searches done with that particular word or phrase) and low supply (few results generated in the search engine), that is a good keyword.

Why is keyword important? A keyword is useful in determining the relevancy of your website. If you are running a dog training centre, the only way for search engine to associate your site with any “dog training” search is of course; include lot of dog training related keyword in your content. Generally, the number of keywords you use should make up of at least 1-2% of the total number of words in the whole page.

Resources: Overture, Wordtracker, Google Adword Keyword tool. For keyword research on specific country other than US, you can use our Keyword Research tool.

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2 Responses to “Keyword Research…If you are not doing this, you are doom to fail in your online venture”

  1. I like Keywords Dynamo alot (
    It will give you both keywords suggestions and Advertiser Bids for all keywords along with Google Search Results KEY, R/S and more. Also, it’s based on Overture data.

  2. Hi,

    For keyword research you can also use these tools:
    Google Free
    Overture Free
    KeywordDiscovery - Keyword Research Tool Paid - lots of features and has a free trial


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