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In my previous post on Articles Marketing, I received several emails asking me which articles directory is the “best” and should they subscribe to those services that can help you to distribute to 10,000 articles directory.

My view is that there is no such thing as the “best” article directory. Every directories have their own unique points and each attracts different type of audience. So rather than finding the “best” articles directory, it is more practical to source for one that attracts your targeted audience.

Next, I don’t use any of the articles submission services because I find that is a waste of money. In fact, I find that by submitting to the top 20% of the article directory, it can help me generate 80% of my traffic.

Below is a list of articles directory that I submit to. Hope it is useful to you:

  • EzineArticles - PR 6, Alexa 518
  • Buzzle - PR 6, Alexa 9,574
  • WebProNews - PR 7, Alexa 4,125
  • iSnare - PR6, Alexa 9,683
  • goArticles - PR 4, Alexa 4,064
  • IdeaMarketers - PR 5, Alexa 14,092
  • ArticleDashBoard - PR 6, Alexa 5,548
  • SearchWrap - PR 5, Alexa 6,026
  • ArticleCity - PR 6, Alexa 12,742
  • ArticleAlley - PR 5, Alexa 15,037
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