How much does it cost to start an Internet business?

You may have heard that it is cheap and affordable to start an Internet Business. So how much do you really need to get started? Let’s do a breakdown and get the exact amount.

Keyword Research

The only way you can identify a niche and find a market to sell your product is to do keyword research. While there are many keyword research tools, the most comprehensive keyword research tool out there is Wordtracker.

One month subscription of Wordtracker costs $55.89.

Register domain and webhosting account

This is what you do next after your keyword research. You can get your domain name for free when you sign up for one of the webhosting account. Most of them are cheap, costing less than $10 per month.

Anhosting is a great webhost that have everything you need to get started. It costs only $6.95 per month.

Anhosting one year subscription costs $83.40

Website Building

While I stronly recommend Dreamweaver, it does not come cheap. A great alternative is NVU. It is free and come with a WYSIWYG editor.

NVU: Free

FTP program

After you have finished designing your web pages, you will need to upload to your website. A great program that you can use is Filezilla. It is one of my favorite FTP program, providing a simple drag-drop easy to use interface.

Filezilla: free

Payment gateway

If you are selling products in your website, you need to provide a way to collect money from your customer. Paypal is by far the best payment gateway. It is easy to set up and integrate into your website. Best of all, it is free.

Be sure to upgrade to “premier” or “business” account as it entitles you to more benefit. No charge for upgrading.

Paypal: free


You will need to bring traffic in to your website. The easiest way is through Pay-per-click such as Google Adwords or Yahoo! Search Marketing.

Most webhosts offer free PPC coupons. Anhosting provides up to $150 worth of PPC coupons for new sign up. That should be able to bring enough traffic for the 1st month.

Advertising: Free with new webhosting signup with Anhosting

Link Exchange

Link exchange increases your website visibility and also improves your chance of getting better ranking in Google.

While some of the link exchange websites require you to subscribe to their services, you can find valuable link exchange resources at Sitesell’s value exchange.

Link exchange: Free

Total cost: $55.89 + $83.40 + $0 + $0 + $0 + $0 + $0 = $139.29

Spending $139.29 to build a business that could possibly earn you millions of dollars. How do you like that?

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  1. Aside from Wordtracker you can also use for your keyword research the KeywordSpy - a keyword research technology where you can also earn and even surpass what your competitors are making with Google Adwords and Overture. KeywordSpy gives you the key to their success: a good ad-campaign with the right keywords.

  2. Don’t you think this can be a hit or miss? But, when it works, you can come away with real results.

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