Does any Internet millionaire tell you what Internet marketing tools he or she use to build their million dollars Internet Empire? I don’t think there are many, and Mike Filsaime is one of those that I know who does.

In this eBook, Mike revealed all his tools and resources that he used to build his multi-million Internet business. He gives a detailed list from registering domains, web hosting, website building, shopping cart, email marketing service, membership site software etc. Adding to this, he also gives a detailed explanation why he uses all these tools. After reading it, you will realize that registering with is actually a very dangerous thing to do and could possibly cost you great losses in your online business.

All in all, I feel that this is a great eBook for Internet newbies who wanted or have just started their online business. This resource list will give you detailed information on the necessary tools to build a successful online business. It will also show you where to find it, thus reducing your time needed to search it. For seasoned marketers, you may have heard of most of the tools and could personally have used it in your online business. Nevertheless, it is still worthwhile to find out what tools the gurus are using and compare it against your own tools. You could uncover a gold mine from the list.

Forget to tell you, the eBook is offered for free to download.

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