Website search engine optimization

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Most websites depend on the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN for traffic. To get listed in these search engines, you must first submit your site to the SE for indexing. To get a good ranking in the search engine, you’ll need to optimize your site to be search engine friendly. This is known as search engine optimization.

Here are a few tips to help you rank well in search engine

  1. Choose a keyword that fulfills what you are doing. Make sure that it has a big demand and a small supply. Use SearchIt! engine by Site Build It to determine the demand and supply of your keyword
  2. Include your keyword in the filename, title, description, headline and body of your web page.
  3. Sprinkle your keyword across the content. Make sure that it is included in the first 90 characters of your content. It should make up 1-2% of the total number of words.
  4. Make sure that your keyword appears in a hyperlink
  5. Search engine cannot ‘read’ images. Use ‘alt=’ tag to make your images readable. Include your keyword in the “alt” tag.
  6. Submit your site on a monthly basis (not more than 2 submissions per month. It will cause your site to be blacklisted)

The key to achieve a good ranking in the Search engine is to provide fresh and original content in your web site. The tips above will only work if you have original content. If you use plenty of reprint articles on your site, most probably you won’t be able to rank well in the search engine.

Remember, provide original content, search engine optimized it and you are on your way to a good ranking in the Search Engine.

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