What Is The Formula For Your Internet Marketing Business?

If there were a formula to succeed in your Internet Marketing Business, what would it be?

It took me quite a while to discover this formula and I guess it works pretty well for me.

Notice the dark green boxes and the light green boxes in the diagram above? The dark green boxes refer to the ingredients (or you can call it raw materials) you put in your site and the light green boxes refer to the output (or the finished product). The final product will be the profit. Ultimately, the better ingredients you put in your Internet marketing business, the bigger and fatter will be your profit.

Good Content

Content is king. I bet you have heard of this thousand of times. Well, I am going to repeat another time, just to make sure it gets into your mind: CONTENT IS KING. Providing valuable information to your visitors is the priority, more importantly than making money. No matter how good your marketing skill is, if you are not able to provide valuable information on your site, you are doomed.

Traffic Generation

What is the use of a great website if no one ever visited it. There are plenty of strategies you can implement to drive traffic to your site. The best of all is search engine optimization. Other strategies involve link exchange, article writing, press release, affiliate program etc.

Sales Conversion

How to convert your visitors to become your customer? The trick lies in your sales copy. If you can’t write a good sales copy, hire someone who can.

Increasing the value of your customer

Keep track of your customer record. Analyze how much they spend per transaction. How can you increase their spending per transaction? A good way is to provide bundle sales or special promotion.

No of transaction

The best way to increase the number of transaction per customer is to keep close relationship with them. Send a regular email newsletter to your customer to keep them updated of your new products and constantly invite them back to visit your site again via hyperlinks. Make your newsletter informative and lively.


Now that you have earn your profit, is there any way to increase your profit? Why not look into way that can reduce the cost price of your product. If you are using PPC to generate traffic, why not look into search engine optimization and gain free traffic instead? If you are selling ebooks, why not add more value into it and increase its price? Are you paying for an expensive web host with 90% of the features that you have no use for? Change it.

The output (profit) you get from your site is directly proportional to the input (ingredient) you put into your Internet Marketing business. You are not going to change the output by constantly using the same input. If you are not getting the profit you deserved, follow this formula and I am sure you will be receiving your fair share in no time.

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