What is Your Favorite Keyword Research Tool?

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I used to be a heavy user of Overture free keyword research tool, but ever since Yahoo stopped support it from January 2007, I have no choice but to find another alternative for doing keyword research.

The first to come into mind is Wordtracker. This has to be the only alternative to Overture as it is currently the only keyword research tool that can offer accurate and comprehensive keyword data.

Recently, Wordtracker has announced that they are removing the daily subscription package. Anyone who want to use Wordtracker have to subscribe to the weekly/monthly/yearly package. This might be a good news for Wordtracker, which is taking advantage of the market left open by Overture, but definitely not for people like me who are used to receive free keyword data.

Just when I thought the days of free keyword research is over. Wordtracker launches a free keyword research tool (http://freekeywords.wordtracker.com/) that gives you an estimate of the keyword daily search volume. The data used is derived from their database (which is collected from Dogpile.com and Metacrawler.com) which only account for 0.63% of the search across all search engines. In my opinion, this is only enough to give a rough estimate of the popularity of the keyword, not the actual statistics. For a seasoned marketers, this tool is still inadequate.

Another free keyword research tool that comes into my mind is Google Adword Keyword Tool. This appears to be a much more useful tool since it generate a big list of keywords from its own database, each with a search volume bar beside it. While it does not show actual figure, it works well for me in identifying the keywords I want.

On a final note, I do think that the days of free keyword research is over. With the departure of Overture, it is apparent that Wordtracker is going to monopolise the market until another competitor (maybe Google?) comes along. Look like I have left with no choice but to subscribe to Wordtracker package.

What’s your say?

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4 Responses to “What is Your Favorite Keyword Research Tool?”

  1. My tool is Good Keywords from Sofnik Technologies. It combines several search engines listet in different countries.
    But still I check other tolls as well like wordtracker or AdWords. Simply to be sure.
    Cheers, Peer :)

  2. Correction: I mean “tools”, all toll free… :-P

  3. I used to use Good Keywords too, but since it also uses Overture as its keyword database, that has made it useless, at least in my opinion.


  4. Can also give KeywordSpy.com a try for a keyword research tool, with results actually reflecting what advertisers are using at the current time.

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