Why My Web Site Got No Traffic?

If you have no plan/strategy to increase your web site traffic, you are going to fail. In addition, if you have no plan to make your traffic count, you are going to fail as well.

No Traffic = No Income.
High Traffic, Low conversion = No Income

Simple equations, but sad to say, few people understand them well.

Here are some of the reasons why your web site has no traffic

  1. Not targeting any particular group of audience

    Is your website a topic focus site? Are you targeting the general public or a specific group of people with a specific interest? Generally, the more focus your web site is, the more traffic it can generate.

  2. Not optimize for the search engine

    The search engine accounts for 80% of the traffic for most web sites. If you are not getting any traffic from any of the search engines, most probably your site is not well-optimized.

  3. Poor presentation skill

    People don’t like your web design or don’t understand what you are writing. Always write to deliver, not write to impress.

  4. Lack of useful content

    Content is king.

  5. No incoming link from other site

    Your did not participate in link exchange program with other site related to your niche. You are missing out lot of targeted traffic here

  6. No credibility in your site

    Did you ever publish articles, press release or participate in forums to establish your web reputation?

If any of the above points apply to you, it’s time to take a look at your web site and rethink your strategies.

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